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Maven - criar pom para jar externo

mvn install:install-file
Where: <path-to-file>  the path to the file to load
   <group-id>      the group that the file should be registered under
   <artifact-id>   the artifact name for the file
   <version>       the version of the file
   <packaging>     the packaging of the file e.g. jar

depois de adicionar um repositorio local é necessario reindexar o repositorio maven local abrir no eclipse window -> show view -> other -> maven repositories na aba "Maven repositories" que fica na parteinferior expandir Local Repositories depois botão direito em local repository => "rebuild index"


http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4955635/how-to-add-local-jar-files-in-maven-project http://maven.apache.org/general.html#importing-jars

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